1. Start with your hair dry, brushed, and down.

  2. Split your hair into thirds from the crown of your head down to your ears. Gather the middle section of hair and create a low ponytail.

  3. Split the ponytail in half and create a rope braid by twisting the right section to the right and bringing it over the left.

  4. Repeat until you reach the end. Secure the end with an elastic. Hairspray to keep wispys down.

  5. Take your rope braid and create a low bun by twisting in a circle

  6. Secure your bun with bobby pins.

  7. Take the other sections of hair and do a dutch braid (or inside-out braid) on each side.

  8. Secure each end with an elastic.

  9. Tug on each side of the braids all the way down to create a bigger, fuller effect and look. Don’t be afraid to make those braids look fat.

  10. Take one braid and drape it over the rope-braided bun. Wrap it around and secure with bobby pins.

  11. Do the same with the other braid.

  12. Finish with hairspray and voila!